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Pharmaceutical Chemistry


This Department provides the facilities for the identification, purification, synthesis and standardization of Pharmaceuticals. The laboratories of this Department are well equipped with hot air ovens, magnetic stirrers with hot plate, refractometers, polarimeters, pH meters, muffle furnace, electronic balances, MP/BP apparatus, colorimeters etc. This Department also provides laboratory with central instrument room which are interconnected to each other. These laboratories have excellent facilities for performing different kinds of qualitative and quantitative analysis of API and formulated products, extending from classical to modern methods of Pharmaceutical analysis. These laboratories develop and validate methods for analysis of drugs. Various equipment like pH meters, conductivity meters, potentiometers, spectrophotometers, various chromatographic equipment, etc are provided.


No. Faculty Member Designation Qualification View Photograph
1 Mr. Bhaval Ganesh Shivaji Assistant Professor M.Pharm image
2 Mr.Honde Bharat Shivaji Assistant Professor M.Pharm image
3 Mr. Raka Kalpesh Chandrakant Assistant Professor M.Pharm image
4 Mr. Tajane Pravin Sampat Assistant Professor M.Pharm image
5 Mr. Jadhav Nilesh Subhash Assistant Professor M.Pharm image
6 Mr. Tambe Akash Balasaheb Assistant Professor M.Pharm image