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Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry


The laboratories of this Department are equipped with facility for the study of natural drugs of plant, animal and mineral origin. Various experiments like extraction. Isolation, characterization and analysis of active constituents are performed. Microbiology laboratory of his Department provides the facilities for microbiological evaluation of Pharmaceuticals, isolation and characterization of micro organisms and development of suitable culture media for the growth of microbes. The laboratories of this Department are enriched with equipment like laminar air flow bench, digital BOD incubator, micro centrifuge, autoclave sterilizer, colony counter, refrigerated centrifuge, soxhlet apparatus, rotary flash evaporator, muffle furnace, projection microscope, chromatographic equipment, spectrophotometers etc.


No. Faculty Member Designation Qualification View Photograph
1 Mr. Pawar Sanjay Dnyandeo Assistant Professor M.Pharm image
3 Mr. Dere Pravin Jijabapu Assistant Professor M.Pharm image